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Block Strike Mod APK is an action shooting game. where you have unlimited Gold, Money, Coins and Mod Menu with so many Interesting Characters
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July 8, 2021
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 Introduction of Block Strike Mod APK

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Block Strike Mod APK is an action shooting game where players master their shooting skills in various ways, such as AWP, Player VS Player, Death Run, Zombie Shooting, Survival, etc., missions. In this game, players can choose from sixty different cards of different sizes and styles and forty types of weapons. Addition, users will save money on battles that can be exchanged for better equipment. In addition, the beautiful graphics, the opportunity to modernize the game’s characters, and other options will diversify the game process and surprise even the most demanding users.

Unique Features of Block Strike Mod APK

Enjoy the different game Mods in Block Strike Mod APK

Of course, when you dive into the excellent shooter experiences, Block Strike will also give Android gamers a chance to have fun in many different game modes with their epic action gameplay.

Team Death Match: Start your shooter experiments with exciting and straightforward shooter gameplay in the never-ending battles of Team Death Match. Choose your favorite team and go against the other because your goal is to score the most hits.

Death Run: Enjoy running for your life in this hilarious title of a free runner in the game. Do your best and perform the fastest moves as you effectively flee from pursuing enemies.

Hunger Games: Join other teams in Epic Survival Challenges, in which gamers will find you fighting for survival with your teammates. Remove the other groups so that you become the last player to stand.

Zombie Survival: Discover unique zombie doomsday battles in which gamers are always on the run from nasty monsters. Take them down from your guns and prepare yourself for the oncoming waves of monsters.

Bunny Hop: For those of you who have played and enjoyed the classic Counter-Strike gameplay, you will find Bunny Hop mechanics familiar. That being said, this mode allows gamers to show off their skills by making accurate and incredible jumps that will enable you to reach the finish line effectively in the fastest time possible.

Awesome Fights with Incredible Weapons

As you find yourself in the middle of battles, Block Strike offers you dozens of different weapons to take and enjoy. Here, you are allowed to use your pistol, machine gun, submarine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, and even arrow to fire on your enemies. Alternatively, enjoy exciting melee battles with simple and accessible weapons. Finally, enjoy the great gameplay of Block Strike in various game experiences as you progress.

Block Strike Mod APK is Free For You

Block Strike will give Android gamers full access to their free gameplay despite all the fantastic features. That being said, the game is currently free on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded without paying anything.

Excellent Touch Controls in Block Strike Mod APK 2021

To get started, Block Strike will give Android gamers a chance to enjoy exciting mobile shooter experiences with simple and intuitive touch controls. Here, you will quickly get used to the gameplay and enjoy the fantastic features of the game. Dive into awesome shooter experiments using your intuitive touch controls. Move your characters efficiently from the analog touchpad, and make quick changes with simple gesture commands. You will find yourself thoroughly enjoying the shooter gameplay with Block Strike.

Discover the Fantastic Maps with Varied Setups

 That being said, with over 60 different maps that will take you through many dynamic and exciting shooter experiences, Android gamers in Block Strike can enjoy their best gameplay in extraordinary experiences.

Upgrade your game with Multiple Skins and Stickers

Last but not least, since you are playing online with friends and other online gamers, it is best to dress and decorate your characters appropriately so that you stand out during your online experiences. That being said, the game also offers many exciting costumes and skins that you can put on your characters.

And at the same time, for those interested, you can make some complete changes and customizations to your game’s weapons. Here, you are free to decorate stickers on any of your guns with exciting graphics to make them even more stunning. Enjoy discovering the fantastic gameplay of Block Strike as you create unique weapons to show off with your friends.

Visual and Sound Quality of Block Strike Mod APK

Sound / Music

  • So with powerful graphics, Block Strike also introduces Android gamers to exciting game experiences with fantastic audio. Here, you’ll find yourself immersed in challenges with powerful gunshots, crazy moves from multiple directions, and exciting soundtracks that will make the game even more enjoyable.

Ultra HD Graphics

  • With simple and accessible visuals, Block Strike offers accessible and enjoyable game experiences for any of you who are expecting to enjoy the game. Not to mention, despite the low graphics, Android gamers will still find themselves engaging in awesome gunfights with great visuals.

Unlimited Money and Gems in Block Strike Mod APK

It doesn’t matter how, or what, – win. Try shooting yourself with other players and friends. Buy a weapon, upgrade it, change its skin, change the shape of your character. 

Open and get the case: – Coins – Gold Coins – Secret Weapons and Weapons Skins: – General Standards – Basic Standards – Professional Standards – Legendary Standards Play Mode. 

Like: – Team Deathmatch – Death Run – Gun Game – Hunger Games – Zombie Survival – Bunny Hop – Knife Mode – AWP Mode – Hunter.

What’s New in Block Strike Mod APK Unlimited Money and gems

  • who is the first part of the 7.0.0 update?
  • The rest is coming soon.
  • Updated interface.
  • Visual changes to maps.
  • Who updated it Map Dust 2 × 2.
  • I updated the case system.
  • Avatar system added.
  • Weapons polishing system added.
  • Who added new features to the skin of the weapons.

How to Install Block Strike Mod APK

  1. Just click on the download button on our website
  2. Install Block Strike Mod APK on your device
  3. Follow the instructions inside the download file
  4. Permit to the source file
  5. Now enjoy the game on your device

Frequently Ask Questions of Block Strike Mod APK

Question: Is Block Strike available on PC?

Filled with the same aesthetics of the blockbuster game, combined with elements of modern classic shooters, Block Strike quickly engages you in a competitive action game that will give you an explosive experience like never before! Get it for free on PC now.

Question: Can we play Block Strike on PC?

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Find the block strike in the search bar in the top right corner.
  • Click to install block strike from search results.
  • Complete Google Sign In to install Block Strike (if you skipped Step 2).

Conclusion of Block Strike Mod APK

For those interested in Pixel Gun 3D, Block City War, and Favorites, you will find Block Strike your next favorite mobile shooter. On top of that, with accessible and well-optimized gameplay in Block Strike Mod APK, you can also expect lots and lots of gamers from around the world to join you in exciting online shooter matchups. The game is entirely free and unlocked on our website; you have no reason to reject it.


What's new

  • who is the first part of the 7.0.0 update?
  • The rest is coming soon.
  • Updated interface.
  • Visual changes to maps.
  • Who updated it Map Dust 2 × 2.
  • I updated the case system.
  • Avatar system added.
  • Weapons polishing system added.
  • Who added new features to the skin of the weapons.



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