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Dragon Hills Mod APK. A beautiful and colourful action game in which you have Unlimited Coins, Mods with Ultra HD Graphics and Fantastic Sound Quality
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June 25, 2021
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Introduction of Dragon Hills Mod APK

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Dragon Hills Mod APK (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – A beautiful and colourful action in which you rescue the princess from the villains who kidnapped her. But they don’t know who they attacked; you will play a big dragon, which can fly and go underground. Destroy everything in its path; no walls and mugs will not delay you, improve your hero’s skills, and thus improve the dragon, save coins, and buy another kind of reptile. They will not only be bigger than the previous ones but will also be tougher. And with their unique features.

Features of Dragon Hills Mod APK

A Series of epic and exciting levels in this game

And for those of you who are interested, you’ll also find yourself accessing a series of epic and exciting adventures in Dragon Hills. Take on a variety of different levels in the game that will take you to new lands. Face new enemies, new obstacles, etc. Ride in the Dragon Hills, discovering new and exciting gameplay on the go. Also, with moderate difficulty at every level, you will never find yourself overwhelmed by the game.

Guys, feel free to destroy everything around you

And for those of you who are interested, it is also possible that you will be immersed in an exciting free ride adventure in Dragon Hills. Here, you are free to discover and destroy everything in your path. Break down buildings, houses, guards, explosives and even walls as you move. Completely destructive will make the game extra realistic and enjoyable.

Conquer new castles if you ride into new lands

If you want to make your gaming experience more interesting and enjoyable, Dragon Hills gamers can also find themselves exploring a wide range of gameplay as you progress. Remove new enemies, conquer new castles, and enjoy your epic dragon rides in new lands when you dive into different maps with different setups and features in the game.

Make use of multiple types of equipment in Dragon Hills Mod APK

To make your dragon more capable than the challenges ahead, it is also possible for you to pick up powerful power-ups in the game with Dragon Hills. Start by upgrading your princess’ blades so she can easily cut through her enemies. Then add our Dragon Coach so that it lasts longer during battles.

And as you dive into battles, the game also has a variety of different power-ups and buffs that you can easily activate on your dragon. So enjoy epic battles as you turn your dragon into the mega mode, replenish your lost HP, or burn your enemies to ashes with the breath of terrible fire.

Take on interesting enemies along the way in this action game

And as you progress through new levels and new lands, you’ll find yourself confronted with all sorts of interesting enemies, each with its own unique and disturbing attacks. At every level, you’ll also have access to exciting boss battles against some of the terrifying enemies. Use your dragon powers and some buffs to defeat your enemies effectively.

Compete with friends and play the online game

For those interested, this game also includes interesting online gameplay that you can enjoy with friends and other online gamers. Have fun competing for the final score on the leaderboards. Finish at the top to earn your bragging rights with friends and collect special prizes in the game. And at the same time, dive into the tremendous success of the game. Complete them, have fun, and collect unique trophies on the go.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay with our mod version

For those interested, you can easily enjoy the game with unlimited gameplay from our mode. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need in the game, and most importantly, it’s completely free for you to enjoy. Therefore, it is relatively easy for you to access the full experience in the game. First, you need to download and install Dragon Hills Mode APK from our website. Then, follow the instructions provided, and you can start enjoying the game.

What’s New in Dragon Hills Mod APK

  1. fun Extremely fun, fast and furious gameplay.
  2. Completely devastating area.
  3. Epic boss battles.
  4. Upgradeable weapons, armour and explosive power-ups are available for unlocking.
  5. Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch control with advanced gameplay.
  6. Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends.

Some more features of Dragon Hills Mod APK

Modern-day Android gaming apps become a success or failure due to an important element, user interface, easy to use gamer game and enjoy the features. The game makers were fully aware of this fact, and that is why they made sure that the game comes with one of the most simple but interesting gameplay, which means that any Android user should know the technical information. Therefore, anyone can enjoy this game. For example, tap on the screen, and the dragon will dig deep, then release it, and the dragon will jump out.


The excitement of any game is a multiplier. The user gets a chance to enjoy the gameplay with his friends. Who is exactly the opportunity the creators took advantage of by introducing the concept of leaderboards and achievements that will help you engage in healthy competition with your friend? If you want to be the best, you must be at the top of the leader board and show off your skills. Guys are you interested in Chicken Gun Mod APK

Upgrade your Dragons

Sports today face a major hurdle as the gamer eventually gets bored due to repeated use and lack of freshness. Who is where the Dragon Hills game stands out from the competition and gives the user the option to upgrade the dragon and improve it during the game. As you climb the ladder, the gameplay will start to get harder, and it will make sense to bring your best front forward.


Suppose you want to make the gameplay even more interesting. In that case, the gamer can upgrade weapons and ammunition with each unique feature and ability and help you achieve your goal in different ways. So it’s up to you to devise the right strategy and gather the necessary weapons to move the game forward.


The gameplay is designed to keep you hooked and is ensured by creating a completely destructive region where you can destroy everything from houses to castles to animals and trees. ۔ When you finally eliminate the thieves, you engage in boss fights with the leader. The battle will be fierce, and it will be necessary for you to be ready for it.

Visual and Sound Quality of Dragon Hills


With amazing visual experiences, Dragon Hills gamers will find and enjoy awesome audio in their game. Immerse yourself in epic battles with enemies and bosses, immersed in a charming soundtrack. Who will make the game very interesting and in-depth?

Fantastic Graphics

The beautiful graphics in Dragon Hills as you dive into the captivating scenes of the epic dragon games. Enjoy as you guide your dragon-riding princess to avenge the thieves and continue your beautiful and satisfying skill tricks.

Terrifying explosions and collisions with realistic and responsive game physics, which will make your Dragon Hills gameplay extremely fun, and most importantly, since the game is unnecessary, you can install it on most of your Android devices. Enjoy smooth and satisfying gameplay without any delay or hesitation.

How to install Dragon Hills Mod APK

  • Click the button below to start downloading the Dragon Hills Mode app.
  • Click OK, and the download will begin.
  • Who’ll take you to the Dragon Hills Mode app’s installation page when the download is complete?
  • Click Install, and your Android device will complete the installation process.

Frequently Ask Questions of Dragon Hills Mod APK

Question: How can I play Dragon Hills APK Version?

The dragon can bury itself in the ground and quickly jump to the surface. You can guide it along the bottom and admire the natural beauty around it, created in a beautiful cartoon style. If you need to bring an animal underground, you should press the screen and hold your finger.

Question: How many levels are in Dragon Hills Mod APK 2021?

The gameplay from level to level is extremely fun, fast and furious, and has to complete 200.

Question: Is Dragon Hills Mod Version free or not?

This version of Dragon Hill is free for you. So now enjoy this game with your friends and family.

Wrapping it Up

Fairy tales are always good with a happy ending. But, the Dragon Hills game gives a twist to the story by allowing the princess to take revenge on the princes who ran away with money and treasure instead of saving the princess. You become a dragon, and your main goal is to destroy the whole city and catch the thieves before fleeing with the looters. Interesting gameplay that is already a success story. The controls are kept simple, and the gameplay is designed with excellent graphics.

What's new

  1. fun Extremely fun, fast and furious gameplay.
  2. Completely devastating area.
  3. Epic boss battles.
  4. Upgradeable weapons, armour and explosive power-ups are available for unlocking.
  5. Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch control with advanced gameplay.
  6. Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends.



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