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You can download the game Draw Joust! for Android and PC in our website. Draw Joust! MOD APK (by VOODOO) is a suitable game for you.
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5 July 2021
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Introduction about Draw Joust Mod APK

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Draw Joust Mod APK (MOD, unlimited money) – VOODOO Studio’s new time killer, known to mobile device owners for its impressive number of different arcades. This time around, action-oriented developers made it a great time killer with elements of modeling. And similarly, to get started, you have to assemble a complex vehicle, equip it with different cool weapons, and challenge an opponent. An impressive weapon, a choice of dozens of machine options and locations will not only entertain you but also make you realize your engineering skills.

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Game play of Draw Joust Mod APK

Why do I say that this game is part 2 of Draw Climber? The game play of these two games is very similar. It is divided into two parts. First, you need to design your car by drawing on the screen (draw Climber only pulls the wheels). You can draw anything by holding your finger on the screen. However, you can only draw with a flick and a limited amount of ink. You must think carefully before drawing because the design of the vehicle greatly affects your fighting style. If you feel dissatisfied with your car, you can touch the trash can button to pull again from the start.Choose a fight when your car is ready. Start the fight. Here, you will face another fighter with his car. Swipe around the screen to control your vehicle forward / backward and find ways to use your weapon to attack opponents.There are 1001 types of deaths when you play Draw Joust! Throwing a spear, falling from a car, falling into the sea, cutting with a sword, you will never know how you will defeat an opponent unless you fight them.

Best Features of Draw Joust Mod APK

Like the idea of ​​fighting machines in different arenas? Draw Joust is a game for you. If you can go through the ads and maybe the game will start slowly. You need to unlock various upgrades of your weapons and vehicles and then prepare your attacking position with rolling wheels and justices. Along with the different weapons, there are different carts to attach to them, giving you the freedom to create truly unique little designs that are vicious and well-engineered.

Plenty of Weapons To Choose From

  • One of the best features of Draw Joust is the variety of weapons you can attach to your basket. You can start with a simple spear, like the medieval justices of the old days, and then graduate with more advanced octane machine weapons, such as guns, rockets, machetes, elephants, and all kinds of other powerful gear. Are You open these weapons by moving them beyond the levels and destroying other creations, other creations that you have worked. There is no A. I am in the game, so it depends on your fighting power, victory, or defeat.

Different Carts to Build On

  • No awesome fighting machine is great without a solid foundation, which comes in various carts. Each has different wheels and sizes that can make it easier or harder to find the perfect design. Weapons and vehicles have many unique combinations, so no two designs are alike. Finding the perfect addition to your cart is part of Draw Joust fun, and it has a lot of replay-ability to determine which parts are the best. Can you make a super fusing machine?

Different Arenas to Fight In

  • The game is divided into different battlefields and unique landscapes, including winter forests, grasslands, and mountainous areas. It gives the game a good sense of progress as you work your way through different battlefields. Although the arenas don’t impact the game play much, just having a different scenario in the background makes each fight feel more special. Your jumping skills are perfect for showcasing these landscapes.

Easy Controls and Building Mechanics

  • Keeping your machine together is straightforward, thanks to a simple control system, which involves dragging and dropping weapons and attachments onto your cart. Then, during the game, you can control your car very easily. Attacking other vehicles is a lot of fun, and the graphics show scenes of attacks – big explosions, crashing vehicles! Draw Joust is a fun and creative game that allows you to create unique cart machines.

Updates to the Game – New and Improved Boss Levels!

  • Although the game still lacks some multiplayer features and game play improvements, a recent update adds to the boss’s moves that make single-player game play more challenging. These bosses come with cutout carts and all sorts of different weapons, designed to give you a glimpse of what’s going on with your progress through the game. These bass carts come after you complete some basic levels, so grind to catch a glimpse of these killing machines.

Tips and Tricks for Draw Joust

  • It can be easy to make your cart, but it’s a little harder to meet your load out. Learning the best combination of weapons and carts is what makes the game’s combat mechanics fun. If you can put a simple spear in front of your gun, you can go straight to pilot other machines. It’s an easy way to knock your opponent instantly without worrying about their powerful gear. Also, you can practice with different weapons and warm up before trying one of the difficult levels of the boss. You’ll learn while playing Draw Joust, and enjoy this mobile game, now available on Android, between ads and round-the-clock obstacles.

How to install Draw Joust Mod APK

  • Download the MOD APK from the link above.
  • If you have an earlier version installed on your device, uninstall it as this may cause a problem.
  • Now proceed to the installation.
  • Enjoy, you have installed Mod apk.

Download Draw Joust Mod APK

Just draw! The unique game you can download to your phone. The game play is easy, interesting, and very addictive. Game is where you show off your creativity and painting skills. If you are ready, please download the game via the links below the article.

frequently ask question

Question: How do you play the game Joust draw?

Drag your mouse to drag the car, start a fight, defeat your opponent, and pass all levels through victory. Each win will earn you coins that you can use to improve your skin and life and buy new skins and weapons.

Question: Does a draw joust have sound?

The game includes amplified monorail sound and raster graphics on a 19-inch color CRT monitor. Like other Williams arcade games, it Just was programmed in Assembly language. A pack of three AA batteries provides power to save the game setting and high scores when the machine is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Question: Can you beat joust?

The easiest way to kill someone is to take a cheap shot at the end of the wave. When Pterodactyl leaves the screen at the end of a wave, it leaves one of the three surfaces. When he gets out of the middle of the screen, you can hit him by standing on one of the side ledges (bottom right).

Final verdict

Voodoo is a very popular publisher on Google Play, no doubt about it. They created a series of fun, unique, and somewhat “crazy” games. The creativity of this developer seems to be limitless. Games, people, animals, space, art, war, anything can turn into an exciting game that has the potential to attract millions of players from around the world. if you want to play more games then click here


What's new

  • Plenty of Weapons To Choose From
  • Different Carts to Build On
  • Different Arenas to Fight In
  • Tips and Tricks for Draw Joust
  • Easy Controls and Building Mechanics
  • Updates to the Game - New and Improved Boss Levels!



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