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Last Day on Earth: Survival mod Apk 1.18.3 + MOD + OBB (Free Craft) + Data Android Improve your skills and Mod menu + free craft for android.
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12 July 2021
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Introduction Last Day On Earth: Survival Mod APK

Table of Content

last day on earth: survival mod apk is the same game that is accessible for Android clients. Keep going Day on Earth is an internet game where you need to protect yourself from zombie attacks. Also, you have to gather resources to build a house that will save you from zombie attacks. And other resources like cars and weapons have to be collected because this game is about 2027, where most people are infected with the zombie virus. The rest of the people like you, who have survived or have survived, will do whatever they want. You also have to build a radio tower to stay connected with other online players.

MOD is an endurance mode, so you can play games in GOD mode, which means you won’t die during survival. On the last evolutionary modern APK, you will find a booster that increases your power by 200% while killing zombies. These boosters come in a variety of time ranges, from one day to 14 days.

You can buy these boosters only with gold coins, and you can easily buy more than one booster because this mod APK comes with unlimited gold coins. On the last Day of Earth MOD APK, you have to prepare weapons regularly. Otherwise, they will turn to dust, and you will have to collect water and food; otherwise, you will die of hunger. The game’s graphics are great, and if you like to play open-world games, this is a personal suggestion that you must try this game. You can also select Lucky Patcher and Game Color app for your Android phone.

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Gameplay of Last Day On Earth: Survival Mod APK

The game begins where you will find your character in a plot with small buildings. Here you will find essential items to start the game, and here you can collect various items to build structures and other equipment. On the map, you can do many things to survive. For example, you can make an Axe and then use that Axe to cut down trees to build houses and other structures. In addition, you can create boxes in the place to store your food and other things. In short, you are the key to your survival.

Features of Last Day On Earth: Survival Mod APK

Raise a true friend

  • You will also collect weapons that you will eventually use to kill zombies and your prey. There are dozens of deadly weapons that you will find and use. From the classic craft crusher to the modern mortar to the modern Glock 17 with the spear. You can also equip a coach to protect yourself from zombies, but damage from zombies will reduce its resistance.
  • You will also be preparing your transport vehicles in the game, which will speed up your movement from one place to another and unlock other sites on the map. To build transport vehicles, you have to assemble the various items and then assemble them to make your transport. Numerous cars are available, including helicopters, ATVs, and zombie trucks.

Advanced Crafting System

  • You will collect many blueprints that you will eventually use to modify vehicles, furniture, buildings, and weapons in the game. More than 119 items are available in the blueprint section. You can collect blueprints by exchanging the points you get each time you upgrade your character level.
  • Your main goal is to build a good base that will grow as you progress in the game. On this trip, you will also interact with other players from around the world. Since it is a survival game, you also have to make sure that you have the resources to eat, water, etc., to survive. Overall, there are plenty of places on the map that you can visit and find items to explore. You are also in the affected jungle, where you can see where you will encounter various zombies. There are many challenges in the game, provided you dare to face them.
  • Another challenge in game-play is inventory management. Like other survival games, you can’t take everything you find, and you have to choose things according to your needs. For example, if you are building a house, collecting electronic items will be useless for you. So, if you want to survive in the game, you have to make the right choice.

Play with your friends

  • Last Day on Earth Survival is very different from other sandbox games you will find because it tests your survival skills, and if you make mistakes, your survival will be difficult. Progress in the game is also not very fast; it will take time to accumulate resources. Traveling from one place to another takes energy points. You can walk or walk. Both ways waste energy and take some time to refresh.
  • Use as many locations as possible in walking, so if you are taking breaks between games, then move your character from one place to another by walking, it will take some time, and then you can move your character to different tasks. It can use to perform. The game also includes in-app purchases that make things easier for you, but you can make significant progress in the game without spending real-world money.

Unlimited Money/ Gold Coins

  • The final amount is being added in the form of gold coins in this game. Gold Coins The more you spend, the more gold coins you will have. You can put coins on almost anything at the store like coins, maps, XP boosts.

Unlimited Skill Points

  • Even after spending, your crafting points will increase. As an unlimited amount, the more points you spend on the blueprint, the more it will increase rather than decrease.

Unlimited Armor and Weapons

  • In this MOD, the toughness of protections and weapons has been increased indefinitely, which means that the armor will never break and is sufficient to save you.

Unlimited Health and Thirst

  • You will not have health problems or food and thirst problems. This MOD will quickly restore all thirst, hunger, and health to 100.

No Root Required

  • To download and install this game, you do not need to have any rooted android device. However, if you have a device running Android 4.1, you can easily download and install files and play the game easily.


  • Time to find the most skilled survivor of our post-apocalyptic barren land. Functional weapons modes are incorporated into the game – slowly knock down enemies, blow up key and deal more damage!
  • Now you can try different editing assemblies, save the best presets, and apply them with a single button. It will save you a massive load of time.

Download Last Day On Earth: Survival Mod APK

last day on earth: survival mod apk is a free survival game online. It is a game where you need to kill the zombies and also have to devise a great strategy to survive in this virtual open world. The game is straightforward. The more you live, the more you win. Unfortunately, the Deadly virus has turned all humans into zombies, and the rest of the people, who have not turned into zombies, are looking for a way to survive. They can do almost anything to stay in the game. Therefore, chances are they will steal your resources to survive.

Since this MOD will give you the goodness of God with many superpowers, it will be easier for you to play this game. So, below we have provided you with a link to the last day Earth download and its statistics. You can easily download and install MOD APK’s Last Day Earth and Earth to start playing like a boss.

Steps to Install Last Day on Earth Survival MOD 1.18.3 APK

  • Before installing, make sure that you have downloaded all the required files from the download section above. Now, I assume that you have downloaded all the needed files from the download section above and are ready to install the application.
  • Make sure you have downloaded both the APK file and the OBB file to your smartphone.
  • Now, install the last Day Earth Mod APK file on your smartphone. (To install it, open this APK file and tap Install to install the MOD APK file in your smartphone).
  • Now you can start playing the game. Enjoy!


The controls in this game are direct, and you get a virtual stick on the left side of the screen with the auto button, which you can use to collect resources automatically. On the right side of the screen is an attack button with a pick button and a set button. The screen also includes a virtual map in the upper right corner that gives you a broader view of the map and indicates your direction and the location of the zombie.

The Graphics

The game offers a view of the tower, making it easy to see things around—good attention to detail and vibrant colors. There is a lot of nuances in the items, but this is not a good thing. There are two graphics options available in the game, Low and Ultra. If you want better graphics, use Ultra Graphics.

Final verdict

last day on earth: survival mod APK is a great game, and it has a lot of content that allows you to play the game for months without getting bored. The game has excellent game-play with a unique craft system that gives the game maximum challenge and fun. It also has good controls and great graphics. The only area it lacks is fighting. In our opinion, in combat, there should be a kind of fast-moving to register operations. Generally speaking, this is a brilliant game for individuals who like survival games with lots of challenges. We recommend it.

If you encounter any problems while installing the game, comment on the comments section below so that our team can help you as soon as possible. foe more amazing game click here



What's new

  • Raise a true friend
  • Advanced Crafting System
  • Play with your friends
  • Unlimited Money/ Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Armor and Weapons
  • Unlimited Health and Thirst
  • No Root Required



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