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Introduction of Mask Gun Multiplayer FPS Mod APK

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Mask Gun Multiplayer FPS Mod APK is a large-scale online shooter that features a first-person perspective. Opponents on the playing field will be real players. The game includes five maps and three game modes, including one-on-one: battle modes and team battles in 5 player units. Players have a large selection of weapons, protective clothing that must be improved to defeat enemies.

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Game Play of Mask Gun Multiplayer FPS Mod APK

To move forward, backward, left, right, you only need to use the Virtual DPad on the left side of the screen. Then, drag and drop the white round key in the desired directions to move. In addition, there are additional keys on the right side of the screen, such as jumping up and down. You can use them in the appropriate area.

When taking part in a battle, there is always a white goal icon on the screen. You carry it to the opponent. It will turn red. When you see a partner, he will turn green. This icon turns red, and the bullets will fire immediately, so you don’t have to do anything else.

Features of Mask Gun Multiplayer FPS Mod APK

  • MaskGun is simple and easy to learn controls. So get started quickly with auto-shooting.
  • Further in MaskGun over 40 Modern Combat Guns. So you can choose your shooting tactics for battle: sniper, shotgun, machine gun, or assault rifles.
  • MaskGun has Nine Maps, including Yard, Ryokan, Downtown, Airport, Courtyard, Mayan, Blizzard, Favela, and Lighthouse.
  • While MaskGun provides a real-time friends system. To recruit new friends and play with them when they are online in multiplayer mode.
  • In MaskGun, there are unique missions and Achievements. So you need to complete tasks and achievements to Level Up and unlock the content.
  • Player Gear Customization is available. So it would help if you customized your character using a variety of equipment, masks, Armour, and gear. While using a weapon load out suitable to your play style.
  • MaskGun offers beautiful Graphics and Supports for all older devices: Enjoy stunning visuals on-screen on even older hardware.
  • MaskGun is free to Play. Play as much as possible, there is no limit to your energy system.
  • Mask Gun is Regularly updating by the developer. While adding new content, modes & maps are being added every month to ensure endless PvP action.
  • One of the best features is Global Clan Competitions. Further, you can also participate in Clan Events with players worldwide.

infinite Ammo

  • Endless Ammo is the first pro feature offered by Mask gun Multiplayer MOD APK! Now you are not counted to visit different buildings, find weapons and ammunition because you will get an unlimited number of them for free!

Play the first Indian shooting Android game with your favorite interface

  • Want to be proud to be Indian! If so, stop playing these Chinese games and switch to Mask gun Multiplayer FPS. It is an Android + iOS-based FPP shooting game, which gives you powerful shooting features that you can’t enjoy any other shooting game. First of all, this is an animated Android game, and it covers your favorite PUBG type weapons to give you the best gaming experience!
  • Plus, you can enjoy a versatile category of multiplayer gaming modes within the game, such as Team Death Matches, Free for All, Dominions, and S&D! So if you are a real Android multiplayer gaming lover and want to experience all your favorite gaming modes on the animating gaming interface, download Mask gun Multiplayer on your smartphone soon!

All the world-class weapons that you love, with beautiful skins.

  • Mask gun Multiplayer FPS for Android is a fantastic game. It offers a free shooting interface as well as the best weapons. Unfortunately, you can’t go to the game’s graphics because there are still many deadly things, except for these funny graphics. The game offers you all kinds of gun styles, including assault rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns, sidearms, firearms, snipers and shotguns.
  • You can enjoy popular weapons like FAMAS, AK-47, M16, SCAR-H, BMR, MP7, UZI, UMP-9, Desert Eagle, DP-12, SPAS-12, and AWP. Also, some extra weapons cover throwing grenades and Armour! So stop getting bored with these old android shooting games, and turn into this fantastic masquerade multiplayer!

Experience advanced gaming on five enthusiastic shooting maps.

  • As we told you above, the game has deepened the continuous shooting interface! As a result, it offers you the most significant number of locations, in the early stages, compared to other shooting games! It will provide you with five different shooting maps, Fowler, Downtown, Ryokan, Airport and The Yard.
  • Plus, you can play rewarding game programs to enjoy upcoming maps! So now you won’t get bored playing this single shooting game, even for the whole day!

The Battle Pass is a unique benefit that offers the best of both worlds

  • Like all other Battle Royal, shooting, and multiplayer online games, the Musk gun Multiplayer FPS includes a pass. You can buy this Battle Pass or Mask gun Multiplayer’s Legendary Pass for 420 diamonds or Legendary Pass Plus for 1020 diamonds, which cost Rs.1000!
  • After spending this money, you can access the unique missions and rewards of the Mask gun Multiplayer Community, all previous rank rewards and Super Support! All you need to do is download the game and open the listed Beetle Pass section to enjoy all these things!

Download Mask Gun Multiplayer FPS Mod APK Latest Version

The modified version is a feature-rich version of the Mask gun Multiplayer FPS, called the Mask gun Multiplayer FPS Mode AP. This modded game contains the same exclusive gaming interface, but other than that, it will also provide you full support for free! Nowadays, you should not play Android games in a complicated way!

Just download the Mask gun Multiplayer FPS Mode app and enjoy the classic MOD features like unlimited Ammo, no reloads, and no recalls to become a professional shooting gamer at first gaming sense. ! You are not born to struggle within virtual Android games. So play it like an animal with the Mask gun Multiplayer Mode APK.

Final verdict

Maskgun Multiplayer FPS is an Indian Android shooting game that offers you all the exciting shooting features, like incredible world-class games! Plus, it’s got the best weapons, including all your favorite guns and throwing things.

Still, if you need more exciting features, you can download the Mask gun Multiplayer FPS Mode app! It is a modified version of the official game, with unlimited dynamite, no reload and zero recycle. Plus, we’re offering you all of these features without putting you in online advertising! So click on the link below and start professional shooting today! if you want to play more games like this then visit here.

What's new

Our Sep 2021 Update
- Fixed a few critical bugs in the game
- Improved Overall Performance across devices.
We've crossed 50 Million Players!!
Thank you for Playing with us.



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