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Download Prey Day Survival Mod APK + OBB File Latest version with Unlimited Money, free craft, Mod Menu, Freeze Enemy and Immortal.
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Introduction of Prey Day Survival Mod APK

Table of Content

Prey Day Survival Mod APK Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse (MOD, Immortality). This zombie action story unfolds in a specific city where an epidemic broke out, the virus killing people on the move and now some survivors. They force to fight for their existence. As a result, the protagonist wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by mountains of corpses and blood. The only way to survive is to unite with the survivors and step into one of the houses while climbing for handicrafts and resources. Game mechanics are a mix of role-playing and strategy, and survival elements blend into an adventure. Graphically, the game pre-day mode also exceeds all AP definitions.

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Game play of Prey Day Survival Mod APK

The game takes you into exciting survival battles with a great combination of role-playing, shooting, and fascinating action. Join the post-day mod. You will become a brave man to stand up to fight the chaos of the world. At this point, you will have only two options: flee the attack and wait for death at any moment, or become a hero to fight the zombies and get them back to hell. When you fight, learn more unique skills and use different weapons to increase your combat ability and be more effective against zombies.

Constructing a new world

  • Although it infected the whole world with this terrible virus, few people survived. So first, make sure they are lucky people who can still sustain their lives. However, later, when the global circuit intensified, only solid and talented people could survive. You will play as one of the best people in the world, fighting an increasingly powerful zombie thanks to a genetic mutation of the virus.
  • This war doesn’t know where to go. First, you have to build solid structures to hide it. Pre-Day is an online shooter where many players can work together. This world does not need anyone to save you. Only you can save yourself. In addition to food and accommodation issues, athletes should find ways to take advantage of this information. It is essential to know why the world is so shallow.

Equip yourself with a weapon for battle

  • In a world where power dominates, athletes must find a way to strengthen themselves. Pre-Day offers players a variety of different weapons. When you step into the first game, there will be no weapons to fight. Players will only have a few hands. When you encounter a zombie, it will kill it—just saying that nothing will come out because the players will gradually take the first steps to integrate into this world.
  • It will provide the first simple weapon to the player. For example, the game will give you packs used to attack weak zombies or exploit certain minerals. Later, it will be better to have more valuable weapons, guns, grenades, cars—these things you have to find yourself. Or if you can make enough money, you can buy it at the store. Although this is an afterlife where items become rare, many stores can provide you with all the latest weapons in the world. Just the game, a little irrational, okay.

Different survival mechanism

  • It has not been the case in previous games. Recently it has been included in almost all games of the same genre to make things much more complicated. Previously, you could easily let your character stay offline in the game without any side effects. Now, however, if the characters go hungry for a few days, they will die. So you have to log in to the game regularly to feed them to stay alive.
  • And this food you have to try to find around your living area. Sometimes you have to travel long distances to discover the big map of Fairy Day. In such an adventure, there is a great danger that you will face a zombie. And the even more frightening danger is that you face opposing groups that are also looking for food sources. You can target them and destroy them instantly for looting. So in cases like this, let’s bring more friends for safety.

Fight for survival

  • Hunger and thirst are also important issues that you should not ignore, and you should always balance the amount of food and water. The city has plenty of food, water, and other necessities. However, if you want to survive, you have to find them first. With some essential resources, the game allows you to create weapons or essential items for your journey. You can even build a solid foundation to protect yourself from external dangers.

Explore new lands

  • Prey day survival Mod APK: Survival is an open game where you are free to go anywhere in the city. Discover shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and convenience stores. They destroyed the world after the zombie catastrophe in the game, so the scene looked ruined, lonely, and bloody. However, good graphics lessened its horror. You can see bodies everywhere in the city. Top-down viewing angles help you move around, avoiding ambush by zombies. In a horror game, sound is an essential factor. It made the game even more dramatic, with many situations shocking players when a zombie suddenly appeared out of the darkness.

Download Prey Day Survival Mod APK

If you are a curious person enjoying discovering mysteries and experiencing new things, you can play Prey day survival mod APK. The game is available for Android; you can download it via the links.

What’s new

  • Fixed an error with specific languages
  • Fixed display of walls at home base
  • Fixed enemy display radius on a mini map
  • Fixed an error that prevented task completion

Graphics and sound design

Beyond Day mode is designed with sharp 3D graphics, which players enjoy the most. Image quality is described in great detail, giving you an overview and explanation along with the surrounding scenery. It has a context influenced by reality, such as cars, trees, buildings, and roads designed authentically. At the same time, there is the creation of horrible zombies, blood and gore on the body, and horrible deeds. Combined with the perfect sound quality, the zombie’s screaming screams and the unexpected noise from the darkness will excite the player.

Make the game less challenging with our mod.

And for those who find the game a little tricky, you can always pick up our modified version of the game, which offers many exciting features. That being said, you will now find yourself in less trouble with your no-hanger mode, allowing you to do multiple things without worrying about feeding your characters. All you need to do is download and install the Survival Mode APK beyond our website.

Final verdict

Fans of the famous Dawn of Zombies and DR Premium will enjoy the exciting survival challenges with Pre Day Survival. Find yourself completely immersed in the deep world with exciting aspects to discover. if you want to play more games like this then visit our website.


What's new

  • Fixed an error with specific languages
  • Fixed display of walls at home base
  • Fixed enemy display radius on a mini map
  • Fixed an error that prevented task completion



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