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Swamp Attack MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) is an exciting shooter game in which you will help your hero survive.
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January 13, 2021
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Introduction about Swamp Attack Mod APK

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Swamp attack mod apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) – An exciting game in which you will help your hero survive. In the story of the game, you often stay away from civilization. And one day, you will realize that all the animals have decided to gang up against you and visit you unexpectedly in the night. Fight all enemy attacks and show what you can do, save your favorite house from rats. Swamp Attack Mod apk will take you to humor levels with 78 levels of humor to open more weapons to fight and repel a long hunt to return to your area.

Game play of Swamp Attack Mod APK

 swamp attack begins with a gentle and comfortable man sitting on the chair in front of the house, listening to music with a gun in hand. The first crocodiles quickly break this peaceful scene to attack your home, and you will shoot them with a gun in your hand. The gameplay is straightforward with just a touch where the monsters are on the screen.

Swamp Attack has over 300 levels with eight different chapters, so you’ll always find the game new and challenging. First, the game uses the gun to kill the crocodiles; then, you take money from them. At higher levels, you have to deal with more powerful monsters. It seems that each group will open up a new kind of monster with new weapons needed to destroy them.

With more than 35 different creatures with different special powers, not only monsters approaching you can attack you but also monsters that attack you over long distances. So when they are seen and flooding your home, I advise you to get rid of this monster before you lose your condition quickly. At some level, you will find medicine glasses to heal while destroying monsters.

Frag Pro Shooter Mod

Swamp Attack Mod APK features

  • Eight dizzying episodes.
  • 390 fascinating single levels.
  • 40 astounding multiplayer levels.
  • Special fast game mode — it will be fun.
  • Over 25 to 30 types of weapons, from a shotgun to a machine gun.
  • Around 40 to 45 types of dangerous monsters with a special attack.

Update in New version

Minor gameplay improvements

— Bugs fixed

Swamp Attack MOD APK Money

You left everything and went to live in the Swamp, but even you can’t be left alone! All the animals and swamp monsters want to keep you alive from your home; you can’t leave it like that. if You can pick up a weapon and put heat on them! You have to keep in your arsenal: shotguns, flames, machine guns, bombs, grenades, and more. It will give you a break.

Shoot from your home and fight against extremely dangerous bosses! Protect your Swamp from the attacks of zombie monsters, devise a unique strategy to avoid the attack. Every second count, use explosives, fill the enemy with lead, upgrade your weapons before each battle, and if you’re injured, use a strong medicine bottle and go back into action. !

Swamp Attack Mod APK download

You can enjoy this game by downloading the modified version of this game. With the revised version, you can enjoy unlimited energy and unlimited money. Both of these additions will allow you to purchase any weapon or utility in the game.

swamp attack cheats Android

  • We have six scams and hints on Android. If you have any deceptions or suggestions for a swamp attack, please send them here. You can also ask your question on our swamp attack questions and answers page.

More Money

  • If you’re looking for more money, you can always go back and farm the levels that you have completed.


  • You must ensure that you reload weapons efficiently by letting your character fill a bullet before you shoot. If you don’t do this and then fire before you reload one shot, a timer will reset.

Switching Weapons

  • When switching between weapons in a given situation, make sure to consider the effectiveness and range of your account.


  • Do not waste explosives. Use them only when necessary.


  • Shotguns are effective for multiple kills. To increase its damage, aim somewhere between a group of monsters.


  • Avoid purchasing explosives or weapons, as they will unlock as you progress through levels. Instead, it is better to save your coins for upgrades.

Exciting things about the game

What is sure about Swamp Attack is that it is one of the best strategy games you have ever played. However, to enjoy the gameplay, you need to perform the following.

  • You can use different weapons to kill your enemies
  • Explosives can use to destroy monsters
  • Before you begin each level, equip yourself with bombs or guns
  • Potions can use to win simple battles. It will instantly boost your energy levels.

Remember to defend your Swamp and your home from these attackers. Therefore, you should not be comfortable with it. It is important to note that this game is full of excitement. These include:

  • 35-40 multiplayer levels
  • 385-390 single player levels
  • 5-8 different episodes

Surprisingly, everything is excellent, fun, and full of action. In addition, the game consists of 45 monsters, and its purpose is to increase the intensity of the fight. However, you have up to 30 unique tools that you can use for defense.

Get this game right now to play different missions. 

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Swamp Attack Mod APK cheats unlimited coins

Swamp Attack APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) (App) Unlimited Everything – People We Try To Provide Secure Apk Swamp Attack Apk Pre Premium apk Don’t waste your time. What I think download from the link and enjoy your game.

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  • swamp attack monsters

Currently, there are ten episodes and 222 levels. At the last level of each event, there will be a boss fight, and during each event, the 5th level will be called “UFO Level.” Challenges are also quick missions that can play to collect more coins and weapons. The game also includes a multiplayer mode consisting of collecting eggs from birds (with monsters inside) and shooting the opponent.

  • swamp attack multiplayer

This comprehensive swamp attack guide will focus on swamp attack multiplayer tips and tricks and ways to defeat your opponents.

In Swamp Attack multiplayer mode, you need to lay eggs after being shot by flying birds. Then click on the eggs of these creatures and send them to your opponent. The faster you can do this, the more animals you send crawling into your neighbor’s Swamp. In this multiplayer mode, you have to do multiple tasks.

  • Android and iPhone

In this game that has been a real hit on Android and iPhone, you’ll have to defend yourself from the zombie creatures that want to destroy your home’s peace. For such a purpose, you can use all sorts of weapons, from a shotgun to an atomic bomb, to fend off the attacks.

  • swamp attack strategy

Swamp Attack Cheats 7 Amazing Tips & Tricks To Protect Your Cottage.

  • You can unlock new weapons by completing all levels. Continue reading
  • Use the Shotgun for Multi-Kills. …
  • Do Not Try to Kill All The Critters at Once. You can’t kill them all at once.
  • Upgrade Weapons but Avoid Buying Explosives You can read more about it here.
  • Kill Smartly. You can do it!
  • Reload your weapons properly.
  • Replay levels


Question: How do you break the piggy bank in swamp 2?

Once you’ve collected 40 gems, you can break Piggy Bank by making in-app purchases. After the purchase is complete, the jewelry adds to your account inside Piggy Bank. Sorry, we can’t be helpful.

Question: When did the swamp attack come out?

August 20, 2014

Swap Attack is a mobile tower-defense game developed by Moving Eye and published by Outfit 7. The game was released on August 20, 2014.

Question: How do you play swamp attack?

How do I play Swamp Attack? Your character sits at a stationary point on the left side of the screen while you tap targets that come from the right. Your weapons are usually effective, but they require reloading, so you’ll want to make sure you time your shots correctly.

Question: How do you unlock a piggy bank?

Insert the butter knife into the opening of the piggy bank and keep the bank upside down as you jig to remove the coins. The butter knife will act as a ramp to get out of the edge of the coin piggy.

Question: How do I unlock my electronic piggy bank if I forgot my password?

 Password set to factory 0000. You can change it to your liking. Just follow the instructions. if at any time you forget the new password, remove the batteries from the bank, and it will come back automatically ۔ 0000

Final verdict

You can visit our website if you want to download game and play comfortably and if you’re going to play other games like this, check out our website. I hope you enjoy this game. 





What's new

  • Eight dizzying episodes.
  • 390 fascinating single levels.
  • 40 astounding multiplayer levels.
  • Special fast game mode — it will be fun.
  • Over 25 to 30 types of weapons, from a shotgun to a machine gun.
  • Around 40 to 45 types of dangerous monsters with a special attack.



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