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Introduction of Ball Blast Mod APK

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Ball Blast (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – A simple but charming arcade game in which your task is to destroy various objects with a cannon while keeping in mind that the whole process is dynamic, so you need not only skill. Need, but also the ability to assess the situation. With a successful hit, you will have the opportunity to improve the artillery installation, which will allow you to destroy blocks more efficiently. Ball blast mode may not be the original version of the app, but it’s worth taking several hours of free time.

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Game Play of Ball Blast Mod APK

In Ball Blast, your mission is to control the mobile cannon to kill enemies. The gun will fire automatically. Just move your finger. Your opponent will fall from the sky and bring in different numbers. The more you hit the ball, the lower the number will be until it reaches 0. Then, the ball will explode and drop the gold coins.

However, the ball will not stand up to shoot you. When they fall to the ground, the circles will bounce and keep falling with extremely high flexibility. When they are in the air and fall on you, you lose. That’s not all! With each big ball you encounter, shooting them down will split them into two more balls with a score equal to half the original ball. Whenever you hit, they keep scattering the score until the size of the ball is enough to do so.

Features of Ball Blast Mod APK

Ball Blast – Creatively designed graphics

  • Ball blasts have a variety of graphics colors, which do not stop in a particular order. The game also changes many contexts with the combination of attractive colors. Pictures of hills, fields or beaches all appear on your game screen. If you have enough strength to survive a series of difficulties, you are sure to see many different designs. Even in the form of Voodoo, it created a simple beauty but left a deep impression. The latest creativity has helped Ball Blast APK to be downloaded in large numbers from various players around the world. Unlike the way you play Tank Stars, you need the proper coordination to destroy enemy tanks with many powerful weapons.

Highly skilled search system by Ball Blast

  • Next, the level section cannot be omitted in this game. With an essential artillery base, you need to constantly shoot the ball to meet the needs of the current game screen—the more significant the ball, the greater the risk. When hit, it will become more petite balls. Continue shooting to the smallest number that is in danger of extinction. Of course, the frequency of occurrence is constantly increasing, which requires observing to operate at total capacity. Occasionally there will be a brown ball with a question mark. Pay special attention to it because it is difficult to break.

Many items and options to upgrade

  • The items that appear on the game screen are also things to see. It would help if you took advantage of them as they can be an effective rescue aid in difficult or simple situations that increase strength. There are four statistics in Ball Blast that need to be upgraded: Fire Speed, Firepower, Coins and Offline Earnings. In addition, many expensive artillery models are also available in the store, using diamonds from the MOD version to unlock a note. However, using money to increase their power and speed, those balls are not worth the trouble.

Many challenges

  • The number of points per circle does not depend on its size. When watching a falling ball, be careful if it splits in two and falls on your head. There is a case of ball blasts that are small balls but many times more than regular balls. Statistics show that 30% of players die because of these tiny balls. Whether you recognize it or not depends mainly on your intelligence and sportsmanship.
  • The more balls you break, the more points you get. When you win a certain number of issues, you will unlock the next level. However, the difficulty of the game will increase with the group. The higher the level of play, the more visible the ball will be and the faster it will move. At such times, you can explore your limits.

Super big guns

  • The difficulty increases with the level at which more modern weapons are needed to overcome. For example, highly destructive guns allow players to shoot the ball faster as players play through later stages.
  • The money you collect throughout the game’s journey will now maximize your potential when you can use it to buy items inside the store, including firecrackers. Cool-shaped guns will help you overcome every challenge.


  • Ball Blast has eye-catching graphics, which are as simple as any other voodoo game. Broad perspective, more bright colors are changed through each different level, and you will not feel bored. Upgraded cannons are also equipped with beautiful accessories. I think this game can satisfy even the most wanted players.

When using Ball Blast MOD

When using Ball Blast (MOD Unlimited Money), you may be surprised to see only 0 coins when you open the game. Do not worry. After collecting the first gold coin while playing, you will be given an unlimited amount. This money helps you to open crackers and many other things in the shop. However, it would help if you still reached the desired level with each cannon.

Upgrading Ball Blast Mod APK

Of course, you have the opportunity to upgrade your cannon and shots. But, first, you can change the size and overall speed of your gun. It will help you to avoid multiple balls coming at the same time.

On the other hand, you can also upgrade your cannon weapon. Take multiple shots at once. That way, the balls will turn to dust before they reach you.

Download Ball Blast Mod APK Latest Version

There are some other essential features like audio settings, vibrate mode and language. Please select the most suitable before inserting the first screenplay. The swipe-to-fire combination destroys balls flying in the air horizontally. Based on the endless style of play, every gate here is familiar if you are a professional player. Ball Blast MOD Buy unlimited diamonds, upgrade and fight hard.

Frequently ask Questions

Questions: Who made the Ball Blast game?

There are many reasons why hair blasts are worth your time. First, the game was developed and published by Voodoo, one of the world’s largest publishers (if not the largest) with 100+ launches, over 2 billion downloads and 300 million monthly active users.

Questions: What is the highest score on ball blasts?

Ball blast world record – 1M – YouTube

Questions: What is power on ball blast?

Upgrading fire speed and firepower increase the fire rate and damage to your cannon, respectively. Offline revenue increases the amount of income you earn by logging out of the game.

Questions: What are Voodoo Games worth?

Voodoo, the French company that has accumulated 300 million monthly active users from its mobile games suite, announced Monday that Ten-cent had become a minority shareholder in its 1. 1.4 billion business.

Questions: What are offline earnings in ball blasts?

Offline revenue upgrades are self-explanatory. They give you more total coins per minute when offline, but they don’t do anything when you’re actively playing games. In addition to earning offline, each upgrade increases the number of points per ball.

The Final Says

Overall, we think Ball Blast is an exciting, fun game to play fast and relax. Spending some relaxing moments between two meetings or two classes is the best choice for you. With colorful balls and beautiful graphics, this game will bring comfortable movements for everyone to play.

And yes, this game is for “everyone” but not for professional gamers. This game is for relaxation only, and if you want a more challenging or better visual experience, this may be the last choice for you. If you haven’t, let’s try to share your experience with us! if you want to play more games like this than visit our website.


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