Apple Iphone is Mulling the Introduction of Sub Screen Face ID and Touch ID New Technology

Apple Iphone Screen Face ID and Touch ID New Technology

Apple Iphone engineers are considering the possibility of using a back screen fingerprint sensors and facial recognition systems. This was announced by well-known journalist Mark Gurman

According to rumors, Apple Iphone has analyzed the work of the sub-screen options in test samples. It comes to the conclusion about the appropriateness of their use in the new models of smartphones. The use of this solution will allow to remove the unsightly protrusion on the top of the screen. However, no one will rush with this, of course, and therefore wait for innovations already in the iPhone 13 is not worth it.

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As for the approximate release date of sub-screen solutions, Barclays expects them to appear in about a year. It’s possible that the base devices will only get built-in Touch ID, while the sub-screen Touch ID will be the domain of the Pro-versions of the iPhone.

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