Datamine Hints at Call of Duty & Attack on Titan Crossover



Much like Fortnite, Call of Duty has had many bizarre crossovers over the past few years. And now Call of Duty: Vanguard is seemingly venturing into the realm of anime. With an Attack on Titan crossover, according to a recent datamine.


As found by Video Games Chronicle, Twitter user Nanikos found the datamined code. In Call of Duty Attack on Titan Crossover, there is code for something called “sword titan” and an “aot_titan” operator. Twitter user DRAKEHURLEYYT then went and posted the alleged model for the Ultrahard steel swords they use in the show. They then took down the tweet to comply with the wishes of the owner of the mod tool used for Call of Duty called Greyhound. And while Activision and Sledgehammer Games haven’t even acknowledged any such event. Naniko posited that such a crossover might happen in or around December.

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Call of Duty Attack on Titan Crossover had crossovers from Donnie Darko, Scream, Rambo, Judge Dredd, and Die Hard. But hasn’t had something this far from realism like Attack on Titan. And since the two are so different, it’s hard to speculate what this all could be and if this just means Attack on Titan-related gear (which might be somewhat similar to past anime cosmetics in the franchise) will come to the game or if series protagonist Eren Yeager becomes a playable character.

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