How to change App icons on Android? Change the look of your App Icon


How to change app icons on Android? As you know the popularity of Android platforms is affected by its wide customization options. However, the standard set features may not allow for the user to satisfy all their needs. For example, to replace an icon with another one will require other methods.

Launchers are specialized programs that allow you to change the icon. They’re responsible for both the design of the device and the creation of various widgets.


How to change app icons on Android? With any launcher

You can change icons in almost all launchers. All you have to do is choose the one that you like. Although the process of changing icons can be different for different applications, the general algorithm is very similar.

You must first decide whether to use the launcher’s standard icons or download additional packages which can be very useful.

  • Next, navigate to the Settings – Applications menu
  • Select Icons or Personalization depending on the device
  • Then choose the package you need

Or you can do it the opposite way

  • First, choose a package
  • Then in the menu launcher and Set icons

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With Special Software

  • Sometimes the stock launcher is not right for you. In these cases, the per-installed icons will be too tired. You can use Beautiful Icon Styler to change the images, without having to install the custom launcher.
  • After opening the app, you will see the main menu. Next, press the “Start” button. Select the launcher where we want to replace icons. Then, with the help of the svaypas, we can turn pages with icons from both paid and unpaid packages.
  • It is worth noting that the application is free to download, but only three. For further work, Beautiful Icon Styler will need to pay. However, the program’s price is very affordable.
  • Replacing icons with the rights to “Super user”
  • ROOT rights are required to access the Xposed Framework program. Unicon is an additional module. Run the program, install it and then change the icons by following the steps Modules, Unicon or Modules.
  • Remember that these methods come with risks. If you’re not an expert user, it’s better to use launchers.

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