How to change App icons on IOS? Customize your App icon design


How to change App icons on Iphone? Apple has always been a big believer in customization. However, with the iOS 14 update, you can now change the look of the home screen to make it more beautiful or aesthetic. You can alter the size and color your app icons, change your wallpaper, and tie it all together to create a theme. It is still popular to create an “aesthetic” iPhone screen. However, you will need to follow two apps to do it.

This blog will show you how to customize iPhone apps in iOS 14. You can then experiment with different themes and create your own look. Don’t forget the most exciting features of iOS 15. You can now install it on your iPhone. Here’s why you shouldn’t install the iOS 15 beta developer beta. iOS 14.7 will be available even earlier, and rumors are circulating about iPhone 13.

Continue reading and you’ll learn how to change the look of your iPhone’s home screen icons. You can give them different names, change their sizes and colors without rooting your iPhone.

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Are you ready to change App icons on your Iphone? Let’s get started.

You can now customize your apps with the iOS 14 update. Here’s how

  • Open the Shortcuts App on your iPhone. It’s already installed
  • Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner
  • Select Add Action
  • Type Open app in the search bar and choose the Open App App app
  • Select the app that you wish to customize by tapping Choose. You can choose to customize Facebook, Spotify or any other App
  • Tap the three dots at the upper right. Give the shortcut a name, and then tap Add to Home Screen
  • Rename the shortcut where it says Home Screen Name, Icon, to whatever you like
  • To find a new icon, open the Safari app. You can also search for the Facebook icon aesthetic. Save an image that you like to your photos
  • Tap the icon that is currently active in the Shortcuts app. Select Choose Photo, then tap the image that you have just saved. Zoom in or out to see the image.
  • Select Tap Add
  • You now have a custom app for your phone. You can save the original apps to your phone but they will not be deleted. This is such a esy solution for how to change App icons on Iphone?

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