PUBG Mobile Future Erangel Map Is Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile is still one of the biggest battle royale games on mobile. It is not quite ready to give up that title just yet. Despite the upcoming release of New State, there is more content on the way to its predecessor. Including the newly announced PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map and more.

PUBG Mobile Future Erangel Map Is Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile Future Erangel Map Announced

The PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map was announced in the recent development log video on YouTube. In the video, the developer Tencent revealed some details about what is coming to the battle royale in future. As part of this we found that a new map. At least a new version of an existing map is coming in the near future. The idea is to have a PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map in the near future. This will be a more futuristic take on the popular map that was the original PUBG location.

We have seen this happen already in the recent patch 1.5 where Erangel was updated to have some more futuristic locations, like the school turning into the center that it is now. At first, it looked like this was a simple buff of Erangel to have some updated areas for players to explore, but that is not all. That was actually the start of what is going to eventually be the new PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map.In the backstory for the fan favorite destination, the company DynaHex has arrived in Erangel and is making some huge changes to the island with new locations and revamped areas.

Erangel Will Become More Futuristic Over Time

This is not just to make Erangel more interesting and have cooler-looking areas for players to explore, but to pave the way for the eventual PUBG Mobile Future Erangel. As announced in the development log video, this is something that is going to be done over time and not all at once. Starting with the location changes in 1.5, more changes will happen over time until we have the full-on PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map that is being teased. We saw glimpses of this in the stream, showing off some of the impressive, future tech buildings and locales that will be available there.

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The PUBG Mobile Future Erangel is reminiscent of Fortnite in a way, going the route of gradually changing an area into something else, like some of the Fortnite seasons have done before. This is a pretty unique venture that is quite different from how Tencent and even Krafton have handled map changes in the past. But for those of you who are worried about losing the original Erangel that you might prefer in the end, that is, fortunately, not going to happen. Like some of the crazy map and event changes in the past, this new Erangel map will be only a new option for players who want it.

This Will Not Replace the Original Erangel

It is currently unknown if it is intended to be a limited time map option or a more permanent one. But we do know that it will not replace the original Erangel. The PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map will be available in a separate selection. From the original map and players can choose either one. What is worth noting though is that your rank in both maps. I’ll be the same and your contributions in one map will carry over to the other and so on. That is really the only connection between these two locations at this time.

Overall, this is great news for fans of more futuristic locations in battle royale, Since we honestly do not have enough of those. Apex Legends Mobile will be sort of like that, but only in some maps. In my opinion while other games like Hyperscape did not do well at all when it launched. The only other option on mobile is PUBG New State. And that game is not out just yet at the time of this PUBG Mobile Future Erangel map announcement. At the same time though these new changes for Erangel are quite interesting given that New State is on the way in the near future.

Could This Be Tencent Trying to Compete With New State?

As far as we know, Tencent is not involved really in the development of PUBG. New State on mobile as this is solely Krafton. We are unsure if this has affected Tencent’s desire to offer a new futuristic map. In order to possibly match what New State is doing. One of the concerns that we have had since the announcement of PUBG New Stat. It is how it would affect PUBG Mobile in the end. Personally, I would rather only play one of them and I am in the futuristic camp. So as long as New State plays well, I would rather just stick with that game and uninstall PUBG Mobile.

I would not be surprised if some other players felt the same way. Which is something that Tencent may be concerned about. The new Future Erangel map could be an attempt to hold onto players. Who would switch over completely to New State due to its sweet aesthetic. With Tencent seemingly being uninvolved in New State. That means that it would likely not have some of the revenue cuts from that game unlike with PUBG Mobile. For now, we will just have to wait. See how the competition between the two turns out since New State is not out yet.

However, New State is expected to release before the end of the year. The current expected date on iOS is set for early October. Unfortunately, no formal release date has been announced yet. So it is uncertain if it will actually arrive in October or not, so stay tuned.

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