The Curse Returns “Jumanji” is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch

The Curse Returns


Jumanji The Curse Returns will bring back the legendary cursed board game in a new co-op adventure game by Marmalade Games. It was announced at Gamescom’s opening night. It will soon be available on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Jumanji The Curse Return brings together up to four players to face the game and the plants and creatures it creates. To save Brantford’s invasive jungle wildlife, you will need to work together as a team. A 1995 family classic film introduces the players to the perils of the cursed board game.

“Roll the dice, solve the riddles and get ready to face the dangers that Jumanji will unleash. Each round has a time limit to keep the game moving. Collaboration is essential. Match the right items at the right time, manage token power-ups, and use bonus abilities to extinguish danger in one move.

Jumanji The Curse Returns launches on PC on September 1st. A Nintendo Switch version will follow later in the year.

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Mike Willis, CEO at Marmalade Games, stated that “Jumanji certainly stirs the imagination. The 1995 film brings it to life, making it an immersive, fun co-op board gaming experience. We wanted to recreate this with the best design and animation techniques available. It was a game within the game.

He said, “We are incredibly proud of how smoothly it works, replicating that feel of the original movie and combining it with classic board game mechanics and an updated visual design.” We can’t wait to see players team up and start playing. It’s hard to find anything quite like it right now.”

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