The New PS5 Has A Much Smaller Heatsink

The New PS5

The New PS5 Has A Much Smaller Heatsink

People talked about a new screw, because it could have better wi-fi in the new PS5 model. It was not known that the mini-refresh console has a smaller heatsink. A video comparison of current model with the new model also shows that it runs at higher temperatures.

Austin Evans

  • YouTuber, got his hands on a Japanese console recently and discovered that the differences between models are much more dramatic than the new screws.
  • He noticed that the new screw used for attaching the PS5 to its base was good. He soon notices that the fans of the new console sound different when he runs the same game as the launch model. This is because he suspects the difference was due to the cooling system.
  • He tested the temperature of the console externally and found that it ran at 3-5 degrees Celsius hotter than the original. It also had a higher operating temperature, drawing slightly more power while in use, and being quieter. However, these two values were not significant.

The new PS5 is now open. We can see the differences between the launch model, and the current one. This PS5 is only available in Japan and Australia. The new console weighs in at around 300g less than the previous model.

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The New PS5 Has A Much Smaller Heatsink

Take a look at this! The original model featured a larger heatsink and a larger copper backing plate. The new version features a significantly smaller heatsink. Sony has added a new fan design to the console that has larger blades in an attempt to compensate.

A few people questioned Evans’ ability to capture external temperatures. Evans replied that they were not surprised by his findings.

Important to remember that we are not comparing two completely different consoles. If this was an entirely new PS5, then one could argue that the smaller heatsink is due to improvements in chips and technology. This is not an entirely new revision. Most of the other features are the same as last year’s PS5, but with less cooling.

This is not to say that all of this news is bad. Sometimes with major new models and other times with minor tweaks. Every time these happen, corners are cut not only to keep costs down, but also to adjust the system based on years and months of research. A console that is three degrees warmer does not mean it will melt into a pool of white plastic on the entertainment unit.

These findings, which are consistent across different games. Over long periods of time, suggest that a possible temperature rise on a PlayStation 4 console is not something to ignore. This is something Sony has struggled with for years. I have had two PS3 consoles overheat and myPS4’s fan noise + heat problems got so bad that I stopped playing it. So, seeing Sony cut corners on temperature control early in the console’s life, when we haven’t yet seen the true effects of long-term use, isn’t surprising.

However, he could not confirm it, but he did note that the new PS5’s wi-fi module had different cables, colours, and settings.

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