Xbox Teases Something ‘Orange’ Happening With Game Pass This Week

  Xbox Teases Something ‘Orange’ Happening


Xbox has caused plenty of commotion this evening with a tweet from the Game Pass team suggesting that “things are going to get a bit orange – Xbox Teases Something this week”. Before you ask, we’re not sure what that means!

Check out the Tweet Xbox Teases Something ‘Orange’ Happening from the Xbox Game Pass Crew:


In an ideal world, we’d love to think this might be an indication that The Orange Box is coming to Xbox Game Pass. But it seems more likely that it might be some kind of Crunchyroll cross-promotion as we’ve seen in the past.

The two brands interacted with each other shortly after the tweet was posted:


If it somehow isn’t Crunchyroll related. It could even just be a subtle tweet regarding the launch of Forza Horizon 5

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