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Introduction of Homescapes Mod APK

Table of Content

Homescapes (MOD, unlimited stars) – Three in a row by the famous and well-known developer Plex. In the game, you will need to move candy to collect different collections, and you will be able to restore the family mansion to complete the tasks. However, this is not your only job, passing levels, completing tasks and earning bonuses for opening and creating various interior elements, as well as aspects of room as well as landscape design. All of this you will use in the Homescapes mode app, and to create a complete image, you will need to complete the tasks and make your model.

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Features of Homescapes Mod APK

Play unusual puzzle games to redevelop the house

  • Homescapes is a fantastic Android game designed for all passionate gamers looking for a puzzle game. It has more than three different individual characteristics. Homescape enables you to feel mental, accidentally and strategically, in one breath. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anything before you download this game because it is trusted by over 100 million gamers worldwide.
  • If we look at the game play, we can see a simple interface with the interior of a beautiful house that includes dust and antiques such as telephones, chairs, beds and old utensils. And on the other hand, it will offer you a puzzle gaming interface where you can either play an escape mini-game or play a Candy Crush style puzzle game to collect candies and stars.

Funny Animated graphics and elegant SFXs

  • One of the best features of the Homescape game that makes everyone feel refreshed and excited is the game’s graphics. Homescapes offers you animated game play with all the cartoon characters. Plus, you’ll be amazed to hear the sound SFXs in the game, which makes the game a fantastic Playrix creation. Even if you are a fifth-grader or a 60-year-old boy, you can fully enjoy this game without getting bored for even a second.
  • Still, if you’re expecting more fun or need to enjoy more, you can download a modified version of Homescapes created by our hardworking team. If you are stuck between challenging levels or need to play the whole game, you can go through the following sections to download it. Enjoy !!

Play the magical version to rebuild the house merely.

  • Wait for the magic !!! So now the time is up. Now you can go through most of the links below and download the Homescapes MOD APK. This game is compatible with offering you many magical features like unlimited resources and an ad-free interface at zero cost.

Unlock all the exceptional rooms and outer world

  • Homescape game is based entirely on houses, rooms and landscapes. Plus, the primary purpose behind creating Homescapes is to give you a realistic experience of everything. Here you need to complete many tasks and unlock each asset in one house to unlock the other.
  • But why struggle so much if you have got an option like Homespace Mode APK. It is a great version that will open you up at the beginning of each room, and all you need to do is click on the green button below.

Enjoy the Infinite money to purchase puzzle boosters.

  • Every Android game has a lot of app purchases, and similarly, Homescapes has a game with a currency called a coin. These coins will help make the game easier to play by offering you various household assets without stars.
  • But still, it’s hard to make money. Not after installing Homescapes MOD APK, as it will give you endless coins, making puzzles easier to complete. So what are you waiting for? Download it now to spend unlimited and buy an actual puzzle game booster.

No need to solve puzzles after these unlimited stars

  • Once again, as an extraordinary feature, the Homescapes MOD APK offers you unlimited stars so that you can complete puzzle games without having to complete all the tasks. If you are downloading the official game, you will get annoyed with the challenging level.
  • So choose the shortcut, and download the Homescapes MOD APK. Because using these unlimited stars, you can skip all levels and get infinite stars. Sling the puzzle, and start experimenting with all new objects with the outside world !!

Play endless with never-ending lives

  • As we told you above, Homescapes is a creation similar to Candy Crush. It includes exclusive Candy Rainbow with notable similarities such as puzzles, boosters, add-ons, and Rocket World. Similarly, the Homescapes game also works in the form of life, where you can only play puzzles while living. And they have to wait for life to come.

MOD Features of Homescapes Mod APK

Unlimited stars

  • In the MOD version, you will have absolute stars. Note that the stars will not be infinite when they start but will not decrease when you use them.

What’s more in the Homescapes Mod APK

A game that revolves around becoming a butler and doing household chores to earn cash and climb the ladder of success, any benefit will change the game play for the better. Homescapes Mod steps into the app and gives the user all the essential benefits of getting complete assignments.

It means that the player will not be out of work during the game and will not have to wait for the work to be refreshed. It will make the game play even more appealing and help the player earn more coins faster and eventually become the best player there. With the popular advantage, switching to the mode app becomes the user’s logical decision.

What’s new

  • Venus Carnival
  • A romantic carnival sling for Rob Ruby and Melinda!
  • Create a unique fountain!
  • Flower shop
  • Restore an old flower shop.
  • Unique Get a unique profile picture!
  • Similarly
  • Dance season! Win rewards by beating levels. Activate the Golden Ticket to get to the dance floor!
  • Prize Race Cascade Event! Complete the work in the levels to get a unique decoration!
  • Restore the theater in the castle.

Download Homescapes Mod APK Latest Version

Download Homescapes Mode APK 3.6.2 (Unlimited Stars) for Android. Welcome to Homescapes! Help Austin Butler bring warmth and serenity back to his wonderful family home. Come in – adventure awaits you from the moment you walk in the door!

Beat the level of Color Match-3 to renovate the rooms in the mansion, open more chapters of the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make it your home! Thus, there are many exciting points in Homescapes – the art of playing puzzles and building houses and telling stories that have made millions of players happy. If you have yet to explore Austin’s somewhat bizarre world, now is the time to get started.

Frequently ask Questions

Questions: How many levels are in Homescapes?

 7220 level.

Levels are the primary purpose of Homescapes, a new puzzle to solve each and different elements to differentiate. There are currently 7220 levels according to v20 (Plerix releases 50 new levels every Thursday or Friday).

Questions: What is the most complex level in Homescapes?

Homescapes Super Hard Level 385 – YouTube.

Questions: Is Homescapes a real game?

A home scape ad, obtained by YouTuber Josh Gunner. Compare the original game play video below. Homescapes” is a – relatively successful – match-three game in which the story progresses.

Questions: What is the point of Homescapes?

Homescapes is a casual free-to-play game. It was developed and launched by Plarix in 2017 as Spin of Garden Scapegoats. The story tells of the game’s protagonist, Austin Butler, trying to restore his childhood home.

Questions: Is Homescapes or Gardenscapes better?

If you’re looking for a long-term puzzle game, Garden Skips should be your choice, as you won’t miss out on many of the features that Homescapes has to offer. Homescapes, on the other hand, are far more challenging than gardenscapes and provide many features.

Final Verdict

You work as a butler for a wealthy family. But that’s not all about the game. You have to start an adventure inside the house while doing various household chores. With each task completed, you will receive coins, and you will upgrade to the next level. Adventure and unveil secrets while climbing stairs. The Homescapes mode app comes with game-changing benefits in the form of completing assignments, which means that the user can perform as many tasks as he can and eventually become the best player. The mode adds to the game’s already engaging game play and becomes a rational choice. If you want to play more games click here.

What's new

  • Venus Carnival
  • A romantic carnival sling for Rob Ruby and Melinda!
  • Create a unique fountain!
  • Flower shop
  • Restore an old flower shop.
  • Unique Get a unique profile picture!
  • Similarly
  • Dance season! Win rewards by beating levels. Activate the Golden Ticket to get to the dance floor!
  • Prize Race Cascade Event! Complete the work in the levels to get a unique decoration!
  • Restore the theater in the castle.



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