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Video games in the action category typically put important role on challenging the player’s reactions, hand-eye coordination, and response time. In reality, when you think about action games, you might immediately think of the games that involves a lot of virtual running and jumping. That’s because even the most basic collections were home to some of the best-known games of all time. But today’s action games are typically more complex than those first offerings.

Video games in the action category challenge players’ reactions, hand-eye coordination, and response time. The best known classics like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog etc were easy to play but today’s game developers have made them more complex with vibrant scenes and characters that create a completely immersive experience for gamers.

Many action games also have similar design. The player usually progresses from level to level while the game’s challenge level creeps up at a stable rate. The terrain gradually becomes more treacherous to navigate, and the enemies become stronger and difficult to defeat. Most games top off levels (or a group of levels) with a boss fight. Which involves going toe-to-toe with a particularly big bad fat guy that requires a little extra effort and strength to beat. Some action games also splash a smaller boss in the mid-way in some levels. These medium level threats are often known as Mini bosses. Daily new games are added to our collection. Above all every Mod is free!

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