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Introduction of Dungeon Quest Mod APK

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When people think of the Dungeon Quest Mod APK, people often think of the devils and cruelty everywhere. It is not a place for ordinary people. Only heroes with courage and strength can enter. For gamers, if the dungeon is mentioned, you can immediately think of role-playing games, where you enter the dungeon to fight monsters, regain peace for the kingdom and become a knight. Can. Co-produced with Dungeon Quest Action, the gameplay has attracted many participants (over 10 million installs on Google Play). Players will turn into heroes, taking part in the journey to defeat the monsters to keep the kingdom peaceful.

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The gameplay of Dungeon Quest Mod APK

Unlike other similar role-playing games, Dungeon Quest is not a story but a battle between humans and monsters. Players can work freely in the open space with immersive gameplay with diverse levels. There are over 200 screens (called floors). Five floors will be classified in 1 act. Eight groups, ranging from very easy (very easy) to very difficult (Pathak 3), in which the player can choose the easy or difficult level according to his abilities. Dungeon Quest opens up a world full of magic, fighting the devil to stop the evil conspiracy to rule the earth.

In the process of slashing with monsters, players can pick up random objects on any map that has ever passed. Use them to equip your character class with different weapons and armor to increase attack, defense, and agility. In addition to the available tactics, athletes can also learn new skills, helping them become stronger.

If you are tired of looting, players can use the hiring system to pick up items automatically. However, this feature does not vary in the level or type of items, so players often spend a little more time sorting the picked-up items and removing unnecessary items.

Features of Dungeon Quest Mod APK


  • Dungeon Quest offers three character classes, including Wizard, Warrior, and Rogue. If you choose a wizard, you will control a powerful character with the ability to use elemental magic. Warrior is a brave fighter with incredible defensive strength. And Rogue is a smart and agile super thief who can fight and has the highest speed in all three classes. Each character’s class has different skills and development statistics, so choose the perfect trend to develop strengths and abilities before starting a fight.

Controlling in Dungeon Quest Mod APK

  • Dungeon Quest has been released on mobile phones, so the game’s control keys are optimized with a touch screen. All you need to do is touch the virtual keys in the lower right corner to use the character skills. In addition, the screen shows some basic character indicators such as HP (red bar), MP (blue bar). Also, there is an EXP bar on the left corner of the screen. When you are done, it will level you, and HP and MP will be rearranged to 100%, and it will raise one level.

Graphics Overhaul/Enhancements

  • There are several levels of graphics enhancement in the game that can significantly enhance the quality of your gameplay.
  • Many additional elements like Dynamic Shadow have been added to the game, and players have complete control over them from the menu options.

Legend and Eternal Legend Crafting

  • The game recently introduced a new Legend Crafting system that helps you save your unwanted legends and items in the store for you to find. If you already have a legendary item, you can turn it into dust and many other resources to make money.

Eternal Item Codex Tracking

  • You can do more than create legends from the store in Patch 3.0 mode. After that, you can also create many new Eternal Legends from the brand new Eternal Tracking Section of Codex. They will be more armed and powerful than the usual myths you see.

Pet Crafting System

  • It has a pet craft system installed to make your pet more powerful and attractive in the game. There are many new pet optimization options in this mode, so check and use them all. You can also access many new pets added to the game. Each of them possesses unique skills and abilities.

Turn into a hero against monsters

  • In Dungeon Quest, you will start the game by choosing a character from three different character classes. Specifically, Wizard is a character class that uses forward magic, and Warrior is a class that uses swords and Rogue commands. Therefore, each character will have a different way of playing, which you will choose according to your style of play and preferences. After entering the game, you will enter the match to get acquainted with the movements and attack mechanics.
  • Each character will have two basic skills and two closed skills. As time goes on, you will try to unlock these two skills to serve in combat in difficult matches. In addition, you will have a health bar and an MP bar to use special skills. The gameplay of each game is straightforward. You will try to complete the level by defeating various enemies in this environment. Your group will go up when you gain a certain amount of experience.

Experiment with matches with other players

Dungeon Quest provides you with a power system, and it all depends on the player’s character building. In other words, you will spend time learning the best way for the character. Also, when you reach a certain power limit, you can compete with other players to challenge yourself, and anyone will be happy to win it.

Download Dungeon Quest Mod Apk (Unlimited Dust/All Unlocked)

You can download the Mod version of Sagittarius from the links and start your gameplay with all the latest features.

Frequently Ask Questions

Question: What is the hardest prison in Dungeon Quest?

Bad dream: Nightmare is right now the hardest trouble in Dungeon Quest. It will drop the best things, gold, and experience. Incredible things will likewise fall into this trouble.

Question: Is Dungeon Quest an RPG game?

Prison Quest is a famous versatile (iOS and Android) RPG being worked on by ShinyBox.

Question: What’s going on with Dungeon Quest?

Picture result for prison journey

Prison Quest is an RPG prison creep game made by vCaffy. Players should advance through prisons and fight crowds of foes to get better things for their person. They might travel solo or in gatherings.

Question: Does prison trouble influence incredible drop rates?

With a hotfix to the game that went live yesterday, we developed the drop paces of Legendary Memories compared to prison trouble. Their Mythic trouble drop rate is presently better than on Heroic, which is essentially better than on Normal.


it can say that Dungeon Quest is playing its role very well. Fast, with many dungeons and unique challenges, it can hold players for hours. The graphics, combat effects, and game context are vividly designed in 3D. With the features that Dungeon Quest brings, over 10 million downloads have been since its release. Now you probably want to be next! if you want to play more games visit here.


What's new

In patch 3.1 we introduced new rare item/weapons sets. In this patch, we are increasing the drop rate of the new item sets and adjusting their stats.
Several gold purchases have been adjusted to give more gold when purchasing.
For issues with a previous purchase please try the following:
Start Dungeon Quest
On the main menu press "Settings" then "Social/IAP" then "Restore Purchases"



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