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Joy Pony is a simulation game developed by AA Games, and the latest version of Joy Pony is available on our website.
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Introduction of Joy Pony Mod APK

Joy Pony (package name: com.ExotikaVG.JoyPony) was developed by AA Games, and the latest version of Joy Pony 1.0.11 was updated on January 9, 2016. The Joy Pony feature is in the category of casual and simulation with parents, etc. You can check all the apps from the developer of Joy Pony and find 37 alternative apps for Joy Pony on Android. Currently, this app is free. You can download this app on Android 2.3.2+ from APKFab or Google Play. All APK/XAPK files on are 100% safe with the original and fast download.

Joy Pony Mod APK
Joy Pony Mod APK

For all pony fans, we present to you – Joy Pony!

Imagine that at some point, you found a box with a pony inside… Well, if you’ve ever wanted to have a little pony as a pet, this game is for you. Take care of your pony but be smart and careful with it.

You have to work, feed and love him. If you don’t like the behaviour, you can punish him. Everything depends on you.

Joy Pony Gameplay

In this game, you have to take care of a pet called a pony. The overall goal is to keep the pony happy. In this game, you can change the overall look of the pony by beautifying it.

You can make the pony happy by changing its hair, eyebrows, and colour. It is a virtual pet game. There are many options in the game, and you can try them all. This game is very easy to play. This game is suitable for all devices.

The Joy Pony app

Joy Pony is a simulation game developed by AA Games, and the latest version of Joy Pony is available on our website. It is the latest version available now.

Joy Pony Mod APK
Joy Pony Mod APK

Features of Joy Pony APK in 2022

  • A perfect simulation game
  • Feed the pony.
  • Bugs are fixed.
  • Talk to your pet.
  • No pause.
  • Lots of ponies to play with
  • Free game

Joy Pony Mod APK online game

Joy Pony is an online game. Imagine for a moment you get a box of ponies and play with them. Isn’t that amazing? That’s because it’s a combination of tom-talking and Angelina-type games.

With each new level of complexity of Joy Pony’s online gameplay, the game will become more interesting, and you will enjoy this virtual pet game. It is an online game that has a lot of fun inside. Work for your pony and earn coins. Moreover, get free coins in Joy Pony Mods.

The controls of this game are smooth and simple. If you are looking for the best pet game, joy pony, then ‘Your virtual pet’ will be the best option.

Joy Pony Free

You are asked to take care of cute ponies in the free-to-play game that is completely free, Joy Pony. With Joy Pony, you are tasked with feeding a pet to keep your pony healthy, ensuring you feed it nutritious and attractive food. You are responsible for feeding your pony before you take it out for petting. All you have to do is feed, bathe, and play with the pony character who is dirty and needs to be cleaned up. A pony will be assigned to you, and you will have to keep it happy as well as take care of it.

Download Joy Pony Mod APK Latest Version for Android

In Joy Pony for android, you are in charge of a little pony who has to overcome obstacles and jump over them. It’s like a combination of Floppy Bird and Space Invaders!

The goal is to get as far as you can without dying. There are all kinds of obstacles that will try to stop you from doing this, including:

Arrows: The game starts with just one arrow, but it will add more until they are everywhere. You must avoid these arrows by jumping on them when they get too close!

Pigs: These pigs mean they will try to knock you off your horse! They will fly at you from all angles, so don’t let your guard down for a second!

Bouncy Walls: These walls are hard; you can only jump on them if they are at a certain angle, or they will bounce back at you! Try not to hit anything when they come back at you because it hurts!

Joy Pony Mod APK
Joy Pony Mod APK

Joy Pony Kill

it is a short guide on how to kill in Joy Pony.

Joy Pony is a game where you play as a young pony who has to overcome obstacles. You have to jump over them, dodge them and sometimes hit them.

Hitting means it will remove the obstacle, and you can cross it. It can kill an obstacle by jumping over it, hitting it, or cutting off heads.

How to kill in Joy Pony?

It is easy.

The first thing you want to do is mount your horse. You can do this by going to the horse and pressing the “R” key. If you’re not sure which key is “R”, check your keyboard: the letter above number 5 is probably “R”. After getting on the horse, make sure you’re facing right (or left) by pressing the arrow keys. You don’t have to worry about going forward or backwards, but we’ll get to that later!

Now that we’re ready for action let’s kill some people! To kill someone in Joy Pony’s, type “/kill”. That’s it! Now all you have to do is hit enter and watch them die (or maybe run away).

It is important to know that there are different types of barriers:

  • Once killed, the pink colour will disappear.
  • After hitting twice, the blue colours will disappear.
  • The green colours will disappear after hitting three times.
  • The yellow ones require you to use your weapon three times before they disappear.

First and foremost, we want you to know that killing in Joy Puny is not something to be taken lightly. We strongly urge you not to kill anyone. The game’s goal is to play with the joy of friendship and the safety of your fellow players in mind.

Some tips for killing

That being said, if you decide to kill someone intentionally or unintentionally, here are some tips for doing so:

Make sure your target has a high level of happiness (you can tell by the colour of their pony). It will ensure that they can cope with the grief that struck them.

You can find a weapon by walking into trees or rocks, which will transform into weapons after 2-3 seconds (some weapons take longer than others).

Please wait until your target is away from other players before hitting them! It will help prevent any unnecessary drama or injury from occurring during the process.

Frequently Ask Questions

Question: What device is Joy Pony for?

Joy Pony is a miniature pony that you can virtually raise on your Android phone. If you are interested in downloading this game on your phone, you need to download the latest Joy Pony APK and Joy Pony MOD APK with everything unlocked from

Question: Is Joey Pony on Steam?

WTF? Joey Pony will be removed from Steam! Well, it’s simple: this game brings us some hate, yet it’s a terrible game for some people.

Question: Can APK contains a virus?

If you download apk files from untrusted websites, then your android phone is vulnerable to viruses and malware. So, it is important to find a reliable source like this website to download.


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